SUNG NAGI OKOLAKICIYE means “Horse Spirit Society” in the Lakota language. Sung Nagi Okolakiciye supports preservation of and education in traditional Lakota culture and values by offering horse riding instruction and camps to our youth and broader community. LEARN MORE

The Horse Spirit Society resides on The Pine Ridge Reservation.  Founded in 1889, the Pine Ridge Reservation sits on almost 3500 sq. mi. of land with approximately 15,000 residents.  There is ample room here to continue the Lakota Sioux tradition of horse culture; a tradition that spans almost 500 years of history. LEARN MORE

The Horse Spirit Society hosts a variety of youth and adult camps and programs.  We hold three to five youth horseback riding camps each summer.  We have a dedicated women’s program aimed at nurturing the historical understanding of indigenous women within the Lakota Horse Culture. Our hallmark event each year is the Chief Bigfoot Memorial / Future Generations Ride.  Our camps and programs are open to all.  We welcome all nations who wish to honor our Lakota traditions. LEARN MORE